2013. okt. 18.

Gyászjelentés - Obituary

Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest
1896 – 2013

It is with profound grief that we regretfully inform you of the death of Műcsarnok, the Budapest Kunsthalle, which after a period of dignified suffering passed away at the age of 117. The cause of death was neglect and the irresponsible behaviour of the institution that goes by the name of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA).
The Műcsarnok was built in the year of Hungarian millennium celebrations and brought down by the System of National Cooperation. Its professional activities were completely liquidated by the MMA.
Responsibility for the death of the Műcsarnok lies with those who inserted the MMA into the constitution and as an act of faith transferred to it one of the most important places of Hungarian contemporary art, as well as those who voted for these proposals in Parliament. 
May the Műcsarnok rest in peace. 

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